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How to Find Inner Peace (Visualisation Script)

The Mindfulness Based Mind Management programme took me a year to write.It brings together everything I have learned from over 30,000 hours of psychotherapy, coaching and meditative practice. The programme includes a bespoke Power Point, 8 weeks of client hand outs totaling 25,000 words, lesson plans, homework diaries and reflective journals, promotional flyers and client...

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The death of Diana: how come they took photos rather than help?

In the programme Diana, 7 Days aired on BBC1 on 27th August 2017, Prince William says: ‘I think one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her through the tunnel were the same people taking photos of her, while she was still dying on the...

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Public Speaking: Ten Top Tips to Help you ‘Fake it ‘til you Make it’

Are you frightened of public speaking? If so, you’re not on your own. Surveys show that most people rate death lower than public speaking on the list of things they would rather avoid. Amazingly, that means that, at a funeral, much of the congregation would rather be in the box than standing out front giving...

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13 Steps to Letting go of Anger for Good: A Psychotherapist Explains

When I saw him for his recent therapeutic coaching session, Peter described himself as feeling ‘level.’ It was, he said, a good feeling, and quite different to the emotional highs and lows he’d experienced over the last few years, when life events seemed to have run away with him. A series of losses and bereavements...

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