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Is it Time for a Change: Free Work Book

Recently, I asked how you were feeling and quite a few of you actually got in contact to let me know. It was good to get updates from people I’ve worked with over the years and many of those I’ve trained too. However, it was troubling to hear the common theme of high anxiety caused...

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A Technique to Slow Down Time

Like trying to herd cats, closing your eyes, sitting still and focusing your attention on just one thing, can feel impossible at first. However, constantly bringing the mind home; observing your thoughts in a non-judgemental and detached way not only has the power to raise self-awareness but actually trains the brain. Just five minutes can...

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How to Accept Yourself; Just as you are

Am I good enough? I share the concerns about the impact of social media. A recent study by the Happiness Research Institute (2015) took 1,095 participants who visited Facebook daily and split them into 2 groups: One continued to use Facebook as before; the other stopped using it altogether. After just one week, the non-users...

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Overcome Anxiety and the Fear of Failure: a Psychotherapist Explains

Gemma had led a privileged life. The daughter of high flying parents, aged 17, she was now being coached for Oxbridge. But all was not well. As the exams drew near, Gemma was suffering major anxiety attacks that seemed to paralyse her. She could not concentrate on her studies, was falling behind with her homework...

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One Powerful Way to Raise Self Esteem

Quitters Friday followed by Blue Monday reflects the reality that January can be a challenge for many of us. Feeling low can make us negative about who we are, or rather who we think we are. We beat ourselves up for not sticking to our New Year’s resolutions and our already fragile self esteem crashes through...

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How I use Visualisation to Achieve Goals Fast: A Psychotherapist Explains

I was using visualisation techniques long before I ever realised what they were. We all do. As children, we live in our imagination. Unfettered by self-limiting beliefs, we dream of flying. The sky’s the limit until well-meaning adults begin the process of education and socialisation and, in their encouragement for us to conform; they start...

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5 Steps to Free Your Mind of Negativity Once and For All

Negative thoughts do much more than stress us out and send us through spirals of endless (and often pointless) worry, it can be bad for our health too. Much research has focused on the potentially dangerous effects of too much stress on our minds and bodies, but freeing your mind from negative thought is much...

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