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How Poor Sleep Can Cause Depression… and What to do About It!

Throughout my career in mental health I’ve felt compelled to share knowledge; whether through the writing of books like ‘PTSD Resolution’ about the extraordinary Rewind Technique, training programmes for practitioners or replicating my own working methods in the Fusion five session manual. Through Lockdown, that compulsion has become even stronger. I think the need for psychological support is going to...

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How to Cheer Yourself up….Without drugs or Alcohol

I currently have a mountain of portfolios to assess this side of Christmas, but I’m not complaining. I’m seeing increasingly high motivation for Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Diploma graduates to get out into the field and start using the products made freely available post-completion; products like the integrated session manual, psycho educational books and Power Points that can change lives...

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How to Starve the Monster of Addiction

There are 5 recognised stages of quitting an addiction Pre contemplation: ‘Problem? What problem?’ Contemplation: ‘I might have a problem here.’ Preparation: ‘I need to cut down, cut back’ Action: ‘This habit has got to go’ Maintenance and relapse: ‘I’ve got to stay free of this now. If I lapse I have to get back...

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How to Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones

How’s your New Year’s resolutions coming along? A few days in, and many will be struggling or will have caved in altogether. Some will be beating themselves up and take their lack of willpower as yet more evidence they’re unworthy human beings. Others will just fall back into their old pattern without giving it too...

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What are the Health Benefits of Polyphenols?

Whether you know them or not, polyphenols form an essential part of your daily diet. They can be found in most of your regular food or beverage; mostly fruits and vegetables. They are packaged in those little cartons of juices, energy drinks, wines, iced tea, dark chocolates, and even ointments at times. However, experts insist the best...

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