Feel your best. Be your best. Discover a revolutionary set of tools that are helping thousands of people reclaim their lives.

What is The Fusion Model?

Fusion combines cutting edge psychotherapeutic skills and holistic life coaching tools with a deep understanding of what it is to be human.

I’m making these powerful psychological tools available online so that more people can discover the secret to supreme well-being.

Now you can access your own inner therapist and your own inner coach by harnessing the unique power of your extraordinary neuroplastic human brain.

Here are just some of the results you can expect with The Fusion Model:

Increased intelligence

A recent study from the University of Michigan[1] has shown that by using certain working memory training, young adults drastically improved fluid intelligence – the dynamic problem-solving skills commonly regarded as intelligence.

Improved memory

Memory is malleable. False memory syndrome[2] illustrates how memory is encoded into the neural networks of the brain.

With the right tools, our brains can be re-encoded to recall events and details with extraordinary accuracy.

Higher confidence levels

Our level of confidence and self esteem are largely established in childhood, and through life experience. We make an internal map which we use to navigate the world.

This map, however, is full of errors, misjudgements and false assumptions. We internalise unhelpful and self limiting beliefs which we think are true.

They are not.

Your internal satellite navigation system needs constant review and updating to keep it fit for purpose.

Overcoming social anxiety

Part of your internal programme may carry trauma associated with social situations. If you have always been shy or have experienced difficulties in social situations, these may have been hardwired in as a series of negative associations that leave you dreading that next party, meeting or presentation.

You are now running the wrong software. The human brain is a pattern matching organ but makes errors and mismatches which can leave you anxious and avoidant.

The neuroplastic brain can learn to make new and more helpful associations.

You simply need to install new software.

Stopping negative thoughts

We run programmes in our head for dealing with recurring situations. We construct established patterns of response which we often use automatically and without conscious thought.

Sometimes these patterns of response are helpful, sometimes they are not.

Many people who are consistently upset, angry or depressed have created negative patterns of response. They’ve coded negativity into their brains.

Negative patterns, like anger, are incredibly damaging. As the Buddhist saying goes:

‘Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.’

Reprogramming these patterns can be astonishingly simple. The Fusion Model will provide you with the right psychological tools to make the changes you need in your life.

True happiness

As a human being you were born into this world with a range of physical and emotional needs.

When you live life in balance, and in a way which meets those needs, you feel a deep sense of well being.

The Fusion Model will allow you to tap into the enormous resources of your mind to ensure you can create that balance and get those needs met.

Fusion’s cutting edge psychotherapeutic tips, tools and positive mental rehearsal techniques will help you access your powerful inner psychological systems so you can finally feel your best, be your best and live your very best life.


  • [1] Jaeggi, et al., 2008
  • [2]


Frances is an inspirational and engaging trainer. A highly-skilled facilitator, Frances is responsive to learners’ needs, flexible, good humoured and positive in her approach.

I whole-heartedly recommend both Frances and her approach to all who are committed to helping others to move in the direction of accomplishing their full creative and constructive potential.

John Perry, MA, MA, MA, MSc, FHEA
Principal Teaching Fellow, University of Southampton

I have had the pleasure of undertaking a considerable amount of training delivered by Frances and can say that it has always been of a very high standard.  Frances is able to draw upon a vast range of knowledge in both counselling and coaching to create learning opportunities that are informative and enjoyable.  She has the knack of making complex topics easy to understand in a way that empowered me to apply my learning in a real world setting.

Peter Garner Cert Ed BA(Hons) MA
Psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and trainer

Since training as a Fusion Therapeutic Coach I have never looked back.  Because it ‘fuses’ several key therapeutic techniques; person centred counselling, CBT and Human Givens Psychotherapy in a solution focused coaching frame work, it offers a huge tool bag of skills to use with a wide variety of clients with differing psychological issues.

Sue Harper
BACP accredited psychotherapist and therapeutic coach