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Combining mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

The Fusion Model combines cutting edge psychotherapeutic skills and holistic life coaching tools with a deep understanding of what it is to be human.

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Breathe Stress Away

Drawing on ancient wisdom and the new brain sciences, ‘Breathe Stress Away’ will turn everything you ever thought about breathing on its head. Knowledge is power. Once you understand how the way you breathe impacts every single part of your life, health and wellbeing, you will never want to breathe the same again.

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Hack Your Brain Happy

What if there was a direct route to serenity? What if you could 'rewire your brain' for optimum happiness, and the secrets of extreme wellbeing could be reduced to something like an algorithm, like having a master-key to unlock the 'mechanism' of happiness?

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Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Skills Certificate

Unlock Your Potential with Training Accredited by NCFE as a Customised Award Enhance your coaching expertise with our Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Skills Certificate.

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About The Fusion Model

It's no secret that life comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Many people have regrets about the past, worries about the future and feel there work-life balance is all wrong.

Obstacles can seem to come from nowhere but more often than not they build up over time, walling you in and creating a life of untapped potential.

So why is it that some people seem to be hardwired for happiness? What secret do these people have that makes them so resilient to the inevitable stress of being human and living in a fast moving world?

Feel your best.
Be your best.

Discover a revolutionary set of tools that are helping thousands of people reclaim their lives.

Latest Articles

How to Tell If It’s Depression or Just Lockdown Syndrome. Assessment Form Attached

I was sent a report recently following research around the impact of Lockdown on young people in the UK. It makes worrying reading. Here are some quotes: “it feels suffocating being inside the house and not seeing friends” “I hate it here, would very much like to go outside” “Loneliness, sadness, isolation, feeling afraid when I go

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How Poor Sleep Can Cause Depression… and What to do About It!

Throughout my career in mental health I’ve felt compelled to share knowledge; whether through the writing of books like ‘PTSD Resolution’ about the extraordinary Rewind Technique, training programmes for practitioners or replicating my own working methods in the Fusion five session manual. Through Lockdown, that compulsion has become even stronger. I think the need for psychological support is going to

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One Quick Way to Hack your Brain Happy

Jenny came to see me about her panic attacks at work. ‘It’s bad enough when I’m at a meeting but if I have to get up and give a presentation, I’m all over the place; dry mouth, sweats, dizzy, falling over my words. Sometimes I’ve called in sick rather update the team on last month’s

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Frances is an inspirational and engaging trainer. A highly-skilled facilitator, Frances is responsive to learners’ needs, flexible, good humoured and positive in her approach.

I whole-heartedly recommend both Frances and her approach to all who are committed to helping others to move in the direction of accomplishing their full creative and constructive potential.

John Perry, MA, MA, MA, MSc, FHEA
Principal Teaching Fellow, University of Southampton

I have had the pleasure of undertaking a considerable amount of training delivered by Frances and can say that it has always been of a very high standard.  Frances is able to draw upon a vast range of knowledge in both counselling and coaching to create learning opportunities that are informative and enjoyable.  She has the knack of making complex topics easy to understand in a way that empowered me to apply my learning in a real world setting.

Peter Garner Cert Ed BA(Hons) MA
Psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and trainer

Since training as a Fusion Therapeutic Coach I have never looked back.  Because it ‘fuses’ several key therapeutic techniques; person centred counselling, CBT and Human Givens Psychotherapy in a solution focused coaching frame work, it offers a huge tool bag of skills to use with a wide variety of clients with differing psychological issues.

Sue Harper
BACP accredited psychotherapist and therapeutic coach