Wellness Programmes

Discover a revolutionary set of tools that are helping thousands of people reclaim their lives.

Welcome to our Wellness Programmes area, which is all about how people can enhance the quality of their lives and avoid serious illness by making simple but sometimes surprisingly difficult changes to their lifestyles. Wellness is a broad topic that includes disease prevention (the taking of steps to avoid getting ill at a future date), stress reduction, and even personal, social and spiritual growth.

Wellness Programmes

Breathe Stress Away

Drawing on ancient wisdom and the new brain sciences, ‘Breathe Stress Away’ will turn everything you ever thought about breathing on its head. Knowledge is power. Once you understand how the way you breathe impacts every single part of your life, health and wellbeing, you will never want to breathe the same again.

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In the field of coach-counsellor integration, Frances is a trailblazer.

Linda Aspey
Founding Chair of BACP Coaching


Fusion teaches you a fast, effective way to diffuse stress and take control of your emotions. It’s deceptively simple and includes lots of fun techniques and exercises which will appeal to children of all ages.

Sally Melissa-Brown
Health journalist and BACP Coaching Executive Specialist for Communication


The psycho-education and many of the tools that we all took away in our toolkits are very adaptable to work in schools, with children and in terms of staff interaction and consistency around the children, and families.

Steve Dilworth D Prof MSc.
Freelance facilitator of reflective practice