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Is it Time for a Change: Free Work Book

Recently, I asked how you were feeling and quite a few of you actually got in contact to let me know. It was good to get updates from people I’ve worked with over the years and many of those I’ve trained too. However, it was troubling to hear the common theme of high anxiety caused […]

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A Naked Conversation: How to Cut Through all the C*** and Say What Really Matters

How often do we communicate exactly what we’re thinking? ‘How are you?’ is the only question to which no one really wants the answer, so how do we finally drop the mask and give ourselves permission to be more real? Let’s face it, there’s often much more power in what is not said than what […]

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Staying Together When Tragedy Strikes Your Marriage

Staying Together When Tragedy Strikes Your Marriage

Even the strongest marriage can’t prepare you and your partner for everything life can throw at you. Sometimes tragedy strikes at the heart of your marriage and your life. This is often through the loss of a loved one, but can also mean a serious illness or disablement. When tragedy happens, your marriage can suffer […]

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How to Identify the Social Terrorist: Highly Social, Highly Territorial and Highly Dangerous!

Japanese proverb

Are you feeling bullied, restricted, controlled or confined? Perhaps someone at work has sidelined you by creating an ‘in crowd’ you’re specifically excluded from? They all go out at the weekend and make sure they spend a lot of time talking about it on Monday, knowing you can’t join in with the jokes and asides. […]

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How to Overcome Fear of Abandonment

How to Overcome Fear of Abandonment

Fear of abandonment is a primal fear that everybody experiences but the degree to which we handle it varies from one person to another. In some people, it can be so overwhelming that it hinders their ability to form normal relationships. IN some people, this fear is so deep rooted, so paralyzing that they are […]

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