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5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Have Mind-Blowing Sex

5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Have Mind-Blowing Sex

We have all heard the varied benefits associated with the practice of yoga. It can help us reach a healthy weight, maintain our weight, improve our flexibility, stability, and more. In addition to the obvious physical benefits associated with practicing yoga, there are also psychological benefits. Yoga has been shown to help reduce stress and increase feelings of inner calm, peace, and feeling centered.

Yoga is great for the mind and body, but did you know that it could also help improve your sex life as well? It just goes to show how many different benefits yoga really does provide us. Read on to learn about the five different ways that yoga can heat up your sex life.

Reduced Anxiety

Yoga has shown to provide a ton of different positive benefits for our minds and bodies. It is important to remember that a big part of having a great sex life is mental. If we are distracted, anxious, worried, upset, or cannot focus, our sex lives will suffer as a result. We are not paying as much attention to ourselves or our partner as we should, and this can act as a orgasmic barrier.

When you practice yoga, you are doing a lot to improve your psychological health and wellbeing. Yoga is a great stress reducer and it is a wonderful healthy outlet for anxiety and other negative feelings. It’s important to have an outlet for these negative emotions, otherwise they will continue to build up in our body, causing much greater problems than a lack of focus or concentration in the bedroom.

Many of us do not understand the profound effect that anxiety and stress have on our bodies. They can make it difficult to get ready for sex and also difficult to climax.

Increased Flexibility

One of the many physical benefits associated with yoga is that it provides you with an increased level of flexibility. Most of the poses involve slow stretching, allowing your body to become more limber as a result. This makes it easier to try new positions in bed and play with different angles for your legs. This can open up the variety of poses that may not have been possible before. By having regularly stretched and lengthened muscles, you are also working to reduce your risk of injury.

Mula Bandha (yogic kegals)

We have all heard about kegals and the benefits of exercising this so-called “love muscle” but it can seem a little weird to just do that by itself. Many standing yoga poses actually work what are called the mula bandha area. These poses actually work to perform the same function that kegal exercises do. Often dubbed “yogic kegals,” moves that involve the mula banha are a great way to strengthen your kegal area and feel the increase benefits in the bedroom.

Increased Connectedness with Partner Yoga

It’s always better when you can do something as a couple. This is especially true to aspects of your life that could benefit from connectedness and togetherness. Partner yoga is a great way to improve your sex life for a number of different reasons. First, both parties are getting all the above-described benefits of yoga. Both partners are going to have a healthy outlet for stress and negativity, and both partners will be working to lengthen, tone, and strengthen their muscles. This leads to both partners having increased flexibility.

There is also an intimacy aspect to partner yoga. Not only do you feel connected and together, but some of the poses require you to trust one another and rely on your partner for safety and stability. It cannot be overstated how much this fosters a improved sense of intimacy that has positive benefits beyond just better results in the sack. It helps the couple feel closer and more in tune with each other, and it gives both parties the varied benefits of practicing yoga.

Increased Stamina

One thing that many of us wish for in the bedroom is more stamina and endurance. How many of us wish we could “go longer’? Well, one of the great things about yoga is that it can actually help increase your level of stamina and endurance in a whole host of different activities, including the bedroom. Focused breathing and slow, deliberate exercises that require you to hold your position for extended periods of time really work to help improve your ability to maintain poses and positions for longer periods of time.

When you are more limber and more in shape, you can go a lot longer at any physical activity and not feel as tired. This is great as it give you the tools you need for better endurance (and less chance of getting hurt) when you want to try something new in the bedroom.

We are all aware of the varied benefits associated with the practice of yoga. It can help strengthen, tone, and lengthen your muscles. It can make you more flexible and less susceptible to things like muscle pulls and joint pain. Yoga is also incredibly good for the mind as well. It helps keep us calm and centered. It provides us with a healthy outlet to relieve stress and let go of negative feelings. It is a great way to unwind at the end of the day or prepare yourself for the day ahead in the morning.

Yoga does a lot more than just make you look better and feel mentally clearer and calmer. It can actually add a little extra fire to your sex life. Yoga will make you more flexible and help increase you levels of stamina, which can really yield results in the bedroom. When you practice mula bandha poses, you are actually exercising and strengthening your kegals too. With reduced levels of anxiety that we see with practicing yoga, we are mentally and physically in a better place for sex. The practice of partner yoga is a great way for both partners to get these varied benefits and it also helps strengthen the bond and connection between partners.

Frances Masters

Frances Masters is a BACP accredited psychotherapist with over 30,000 client hours of experience. Follow her @fusioncoachuk, or visit The Integrated Coaching Academy for details about up coming training.