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21 of the Smartest Questions That Get Results Fast

Doors of Perception

The words ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there’ are generally attributed to the Cheshire Cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but are actually lyrics from the song ‘Any Road’ by George Harrison. The exchange between Alice and the cat goes like this: ‘Would you tell me, please, which […]

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How to Avoid Emotional Meltdown in Children

All you need is love-John Lennon

What do you do when your child has an emotional meltdown? It can be an unsettling and uncomfortable experience, especially if it happens in public. A little while ago, my granddaughter, Mollie Moo aged 3, wanted a lolly from the supermarket freezer. She wanted a particular brand of lolly, which I knew they didn’t have. […]

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How to Deepen your Meditation: A Buddhist Lama Explains

Doors of Perception

I was fortunate enough recently to spend some time in the company of the Venerable Lama Ngedon Drime. Lama Drime, or Saddhu as he likes to be called, describes himself as a ‘kick-ass monk’. It’s fair to say that, in his teachings, he strips away all the ‘bells and smells’ of popular meditation practice and takes […]

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Here’s a Sticky SMART Goals Cheat Sheet to Create Goals that Work


If you want to stick to your New Year’s resolutions this year, you need to get organised. If you were planning a road trip, you wouldn’t think of setting off without having a clear idea of your destination, would you? If you are going in to new territory, you will certainly need a roadmap to […]

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How to Harness the Dopamine Effect to Stick to your Goals

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.- W. Clement Stone

One of the best ways to keep New Year’s resolutions is to activate both your conscious and your unconscious mind to help you to achieve them. To do this, you have to learn to positively use your imagination. You need to allow yourself to do a bit of daydreaming and visualise yourself achieving your goal. […]

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