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Is it Time for a Change: Free Work Book

Recently, I asked how you were feeling and quite a few of you actually got in contact to let me know. It was good to get updates from people I’ve worked with over the years and many of those I’ve trained too. However, it was troubling to hear the common theme of high anxiety caused […]

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Bust Stress with Mindfulness in this One Easy Step

Self-care is something that doesn’t come easily for many of us. We race from one goal to the next, multitasking, multi-screening and telling ourselves that doing more somehow equals being more. ‘I’m soooo busy’ is the modern mantra. There’s a sense of status in implying you barely have time to sleep these days. So, in […]

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How to Respond when Someone Self-Harms

  Today I’m publishing my second e book on self harm ‘Responding to Self Harm.’ You can access the first e book ‘Understanding Self Harm here. It’s turned into a bigger project than I anticipated, as is often the case. It’s such a big subject and the need for education and understanding is great. Schools in particular are […]

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Power-up your Affirmations with the Temporal Tap Technique

Affirmations often get a bad press.  If you still think they are a bit hippyish or ‘new-age’ you need to think again. Many of us are streaming a negative background audio. Some of us have downloaded the content into our lives and don’t understand the impact it is having on our mental health. It’s a bit like […]

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How to Quickly and Safely De-Traumatise Victims of Sexual Abuse

These days, I am considered an expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My company, Fusion® Ltd is a registered stake holder with NICE and I am kept informed of updates to recommended treatments. The method I use to resolve the symptoms of PTSD, and the subject of my book ‘PTSD Resolution’, is called the Rewind […]

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