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Spire Mindfulness Stress and Activity Tracker: Review

In…Out. One breath at a time, this Spire Mindfulness Stress and Activity Tracker can alleviate all your stress by tracking your breathing. But that’s not all. The Spire also tracks your steps, like a Fitbit, and the time you spent being focused, calm, and activity. Spire has taken wellbeing tracking to another level with the...

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Thync: The First Wearable for Relaxation and Energy: Review

It seems as if “wearables” are the new technology based fad. As long as the device can monitor some portion of your health and sync to your smartphone or device it is bound to be a hit. Thync has conceived a product that send you either “energizing vibes” or “calming vibes” through a small triangular...

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Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband – Review

According to the Time Magazine’s article “Americans Are Getting More Stressed Out, Study Finds,” published March 2016 a study was conducted by the American Psychological Association that found twenty five percent of Americans are stressed out, but don’t know how to control or handle it. Stress can put a toll on your overall health and...

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7 Essential Skills to Add to Your Stress Management ‘Toolkit’

There is no point having a theoretical understanding of the science behind emotional wellbeing without having a practical way of using that understanding to help you in your everyday life. Many people regularly practise meditation for instance, and know why it should be helpful for them, yet still experience difficulties translating that into real life;...

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