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Thync: The First Wearable for Relaxation and Energy: Review

It seems as if “wearables” are the new technology based fad. As long as the device can monitor some portion of your health and sync to your smartphone or device it is bound to be a hit. Thync has conceived a product that send you either “energizing vibes” or “calming vibes” through a small triangular headpiece.  These “vibes” are actually a proprietary neurosignaling technology that Thync has created that can send signal through the neural pathways. This product is meant to give you enough energy to skip your second cup of coffee or help take a load off at the end of a stressful day, without ever consuming any medications, food, or beverages.

How it works

Through electrical currents Thync sends signals to your nerves to stimulate you to either feel calm or energized. The product comes with two different strips that snap into the triangular temporal device, these strips are what determine what vibes you will be feeling. If you are wanting to experience the energizing vibes use the strip that reaches to the nape of your neck. The sensor behind your ear stimulates your sympathetic nervous system by sending closing a circuit through the temporal branch of your facial nerve, which triggers your “flight or fight” response.  While the other sensors rests at the nape of your neck and triggers your parasympathetic nervous system that registers the opposite, called the “rest and digest” system. This system helps conserve energy by slowing your heart rate down. The vibes that are sent from this device run at 20 milliamperes (a measure for small electric currents) right into the trigeminal nerve, which is basically the nerve that lets you move your face around, like biting or yawning. Basically, the device just sends pulses through major nerve endings at pressure points that can either calm you or energize you.


Thync’s product definitely looks futuristic and something that could be used to read your mind in a movie like Men in Black. But don’t be fooled by its look because this device doesn’t access your brain waves at all, it just stimulates the nerves via pulse. This small, minimalistic light weight device sits comfortably on your forehead with the help of adhesive strips to help keep the sensors in place during use. The product comes with two strips that can click into the port on the triangular device, each strip is for the different sensations. The one for behind the neck is to calm down, while the one that tucks under your ear is for energizing. To ensure that the sensors stay in place during use the product comes with a pack of adhesive strips. Thync says that each adhesive strip only gets one use out of it, but because these strips will be an ongoing cost, in most cases the adhesive can last for about 5 uses without causing any problems. Lastly, the battery life of this product lasts through 5 sessions or about an hour, depending on the length of your sessions and how often you decide to use this product. But it comes with a simple USB charging port.

Set up

The set up for the Thync appears to be somewhat difficult, but with the help of the many tutorials on their website and in app support completing the set up process can be done relatively quickly. The tricky part of using this product is making sure that you have the sensors in the correct spots on your head, face, and neck or the product will not work correctly. On top of making sure the sensors are in the correct spots, Thync allows you the control how low or high the pulses are that trigger through the device, so the first couple of times the pulsing may be too low or too high. Each person is different, so it gives you the opportunity to set the vibes to your own comfort level.  The device easily connects to any smartphone or tablet through their app with the iOS and Android operating systems via Bluetooth connection.

Medical Readiness

Although Thync has not been FDA approved nor is it being prescribed by doctors, yet, this device has been proven to help many people calm down or be boosting with energy. Through their 4 years of testing they have perfected the vibes that it sends out to peoples’ nervous system to help them sleep, calm down, and even fight mild anxiety attacks. The effects of using the Thync has been recording to lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. There has been no side effects from using this device, in fact they link an article on their website about how safe it is to use their product. (If you are interested in reading that 21 page article you can find it here.)  But Thync has mentioned that if you are already prone to fainting this product can increase your chances of passing out, due to the pulses being sent into your nervous system.


With all the competing wearables on the market right now Thync has created a product that is new and innovative compared to any of the other competitors out there right now. When considering in investing in a product that is new to the market and high in technology it is important to consider the advantages that come with purchasing this type of device.

– Safe to use

– Relaxation and Energy at the touch of a button

– 30 day money back guarantee


Other than the perk of looking like you are from the future with this device resting on your forehead and either behind your ear or on your back there are a few setbacks that come with having an advanced technological wearable.

  • Ongoing cost with adhesive strips
  • Doesn’t work on everyone
  • If sensors are in the wrong area can cause a “brain freeze” effect

Perhaps because I am a sucker for new technology, but overall this product would be a great addition to anyone who needs an extra pick me up after their first cup of coffee without having to suffer from the jitters, or who needs to take a load off without the hangover. Knowing that this product can give you the same stimulation that drugs and alcohol could give you, in a more natural way, by using pressure points and nerve ending to send signals to your brain to give you what you need. Thync definitely thought out of the box with this one.

Frances Masters

Frances Masters is a BACP accredited psychotherapist with over 30,000 client hours of experience. Follow her @fusioncoachuk, or visit The Integrated Coaching Academy for details about up coming training.