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How Mindfulness Meditation Will Help You Stay Strong

Doors of Perception

Are you able to deal with the stresses and strains of life? Ups and downs are a normal and natural part being human. Life does not travel in a straight line; is not a plateau but a series of valleys and hills. But it can be tough, especially if you feel you’ve been stuck in […]

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The Simplest Way to Help Someone Who is Grieving

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90%of how I react to it. - John Maxwell

As James sat in front of me, memory after memory of his father’s death surfaced, released, and ran softly down his face. ‘He died when I was 10’, said James. ‘It was an unexpected heart-attack. He went to work one morning and didn’t come home.’ ‘Mum thought I was too young to go to the […]

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How to Naturally Balance Brain Chemistry To Beat Depression

Over the past few years, depression has become an enormous problem all around the world. While there is an abundance of potential treatment options for depression, many  are simply ineffective.  While drugs may help temporarily, they can eventually lead to more problems and possibly even a drug addiction. So it is wise to try and […]

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Secondary Gain: 5 Ways to Identify the Real Cause of Your Depression

Secondary Gain: 5 Ways to Identify the Real Cause of Your Depression

‘I took another overdose this week.’ ‘It didn’t work.’ Sheila was matter-of-fact, almost emotionless. She was simply recounting the story to me. This had happened before, many times. It was something I would need to report to her GP. But her GP knew anyway. Sheila had long-term chronic and severe depression. She’d been like this […]

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How PTSD Wrecks Lives

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu

My work in a category A prison was often challenging. Not especially because of the men I was working with, but because, over time, I developed a growing and unsettling realisation that many of them should not be in prison at all, but should rather be receiving treatment for undiagnosed  post traumatic stress disorder. The […]

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