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What I Say to my New Clients…and Why I Say It

‘There are no easy fixes with depression. Facing up to the underlying issues…. well it’s frightening, and it’s painful, and it’s going to take time…’ This statement by Elizabeth Pargetter’s counsellor on Radio 4’s The Archers will disappoint the new wave of brief therapists and therapeutic coaches. What a wasted opportunity by the BBC. Statistics tell us...

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7 Simple Steps to Resolving Post Natal Depression

Post natal depression has sadly hit the headlines again. Aimmie-Marie Hargreaves, 22, was found hanged in May, just 5 months after giving birth to her second child. Described as an ‘amazing mother’, the day she died she had been to the park with her partner, Imran, and their children. Imran told the inquest that after visiting the...

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3 Reasons to Start Practising Loving-Kindness Meditation Right Away

You may have tried meditation in the past. Perhaps you kept it up for a couple of days and thought ‘this feels difficult.’ So you stopped and assumed meditation is just not right for you. But did you know there are thousands of ways to meditate; from mindfulness, breath-based or mantra-based meditations to open focused...

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