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The Art (and Science) of Worrying Well

Worrying is ok. It’s not an illness. It’s what we do when life presents us with challenges. The trouble is that most people don’t do it properly. Our neo-cortex, the more recently evolved part of the human brain, loves to solve problems. Yet, many of us are prepared to leave our older, emotional, mammalian brain […]

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Learn to Sleep Like a Baby

Are You Getting Enough Sleep

A short film by neuroscientist, Matthew Walker, highlights recent research about the negative effects of sleep deprivation on the heart, the immune system, memory and brain function. It seems that, during sleep, the glymphatic system opens like a tap, letting fluid flow rapidly through the brain. This recently discovered mechanism helps control the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a clear liquid surrounding the brain and […]

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Overcome Anxiety and the Fear of Failure: a Psychotherapist Explains

I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.- Mark Twain

Gemma had led a privileged life. The daughter of high flying parents, aged 17, she was now being coached for Oxbridge. But all was not well. As the exams drew near, Gemma was suffering major anxiety attacks that seemed to paralyse her. She could not concentrate on her studies, was falling behind with her homework […]

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Use this Strategy to Stop Shy Bladder Syndrome

Use this Strategy to Stop Shy Bladder Syndrome

While it’s probably one of the most common anxiety disorders and social phobias, it’s one that is less talked about. You have probably experienced it yourself. You’ve been gulping beer for hours and you now feel like you need to go to the restroom. You arrive there and as soon as you unzip, someone else comes in […]

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How to Stop Pulling Out Your Eyelashes

How to Stop Pulling Out Your Eyelashes

Chances are that you will know someone who has a habit of pulling their hair out when they are nervous or stressed out, but some people take it to the next extreme and actually pull out their eyelashes. Eyelashes don’t just serve a beauty function. They will also prevent dirt and dust from getting into […]

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