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Mindfulness in Times of Illness and Stress

Mindfulness can help you realize that you’re more than just your body. You’re more than your fleeting thoughts and emotions. You’re more than your illness. Through the practice of mindfulness in times of illness and stress(and the natural self-inquiry that arises via meditation), you can discover a different dimension of yourself, a dimension in which...

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Burping, Wind and Gas… Don’t worry, we all do it!

A lot of embarrassing wind comes out of us. Usually flatulence is manageable, but sometimes, let’s be honest, the human body seems to have a mind of its own. And what’s the deal with hiccups? Or those moments when it feels like you are about to be sick? What about the incredible pain that sometimes sits just...

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4 Natural Anxiety Remedies That Really Work

Do you suffer from anxiety? Try these four natural anxiety remedies that actually work. Mindfulness Meditation Learning how to meditate can completely change your life, making you a much calmer person overall, and when I practice meditation every day, I have no anxiety. I was thrilled when I discovered that mindfulness meditation was super easy. There’s no “right” way to...

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7 Quotes about Anxiety that Anxious People Need to Know

[Tweet “‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.’ Haruki Murakami”] A lot of the anxiety we suffer is self-inflicted. We think anxious thoughts. We look into the future and run scary movies in our head or we drift into the past and are full of regrets and hurts. It’s not really the things which happen to...

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How to Control Anxiety with 1 Easy Breathing Technique

Anxiety can be truly debilitating, having an impact on nearly every part of our lives. Through the story of Kelly, learn how to control anxiety with one easy breathing technique. Reclaim your life from anxiety When Kelly had her first anxiety attack, she was standing in line having her photograph taken for a school photo....

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