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How to Respond when Someone Self-Harms

  Today I’m publishing my second e book on self harm ‘Responding to Self Harm.’ You can access the first e book ‘Understanding Self Harm here. It’s turned into a bigger project than I anticipated, as is often the case. It’s such a big subject and the need for education and understanding is great. Schools in particular are...

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What I Say to my New Clients…and Why I Say It

‘There are no easy fixes with depression. Facing up to the underlying issues…. well it’s frightening, and it’s painful, and it’s going to take time…’ This statement by Elizabeth Pargetter’s counsellor on Radio 4’s The Archers will disappoint the new wave of brief therapists and therapeutic coaches. What a wasted opportunity by the BBC. Statistics tell us...

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Making RAS Work for you: Goals, Affirmations and Saying Thank You

Why should we care about our Reticular Activating System, I hear you say? Well, RAS is the reason that you need to have a really clear idea of what your preferred future looks like; to have lots of detail and to run over it in your mind, amplifying all the positive feelings that come up when you...

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Holocaust Day and How to Treat Vicarious Trauma

Sometimes, I wish I could travel back in time knowing what I know now. I guess we might all say that but, for me, as a professional psychotherapist and coach, the implications are more significant. Professionally, I have always tried to achieve fast and positive outcomes for my clients. I had certainly packed a lot...

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How to Accept Yourself; Just as you are

Am I good enough? I share the concerns about the impact of social media. A recent study by the Happiness Research Institute (2015) took 1,095 participants who visited Facebook daily and split them into 2 groups: One continued to use Facebook as before; the other stopped using it altogether. After just one week, the non-users...

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Another Student Suicide: How You Can Help Prevent This Happening Again

A Fusion coach contacted me about the troubling number of suicides at Universities among students. For her, it became personal when Natasha Abrahart, the daughter of a friend, took her own life on 30 April 2018, aged just 20, at Bristol University.   Natasha’s parents, Robert and Margaret, want a full investigation into their daughter’s...

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Yes, You Can be Freed From the Prison of PTSD…and NICE Agrees!

There has been a very significant development in the guidance for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the UK from NICE; the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. When I wrote the book ‘PTSD Resolution’ I titled it after the charity of the same name and donated a percentage of the income it generated, for several years....

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How to Cheer Yourself up….Without drugs or Alcohol

I currently have a mountain of portfolios to assess this side of Christmas, but I’m not complaining. I’m seeing increasingly high motivation for Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Diploma graduates to get out into the field and start using the products made freely available post-completion; products like the integrated session manual, psycho educational books and Power Points that can change lives...

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Power-up your Affirmations with the Temporal Tap Technique

Affirmations often get a bad press.  If you still think they are a bit hippyish or ‘new-age’ you need to think again. Many of us are streaming a negative background audio. Some of us have downloaded the content into our lives and don’t understand the impact it is having on our mental health. It’s a bit like...

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Learning the Art of Worrying Well

Everyone has experienced worry at some time or another. But have you ever found yourself worrying too much or more than you’d like? And have you been given the response, “don’t worry about it”? Unhelpful isn’t it? It’s common for the majority of us to worry. Sometimes we worry about big things such as health...

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