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How to Fight Depression by Challenging Negative Thoughts

Even though it’s perfectly normal to feel down at times, depression can be truly debilitating. Understanding how to fight depression is the first step towards beating it. The trouble is some people never seem to beat it. David was like that. ‘It’s like someone up there has got it in for me’ he would say. Even...

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How to Get Better Sleep with a Simple Visualisation Trick

There’s nothing as wonderful as a good nights rest, yet many people struggle to either get to sleep or stay asleep. The traditional advice is to get up and do something boring until you feel sleepy. Fortunately you can discover how to get better sleep with a simple visualisation technique you can start putting into practice tonight....

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How to Control Anxiety with 1 Easy Breathing Technique

Anxiety can be truly debilitating, having an impact on nearly every part of our lives. Through the story of Kelly, learn how to control anxiety with one easy breathing technique. Reclaim your life from anxiety When Kelly had her first anxiety attack, she was standing in line having her photograph taken for a school photo....

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