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The 3 Things Happy People Tell Themselves Before Bed

The 3 Things Happy People Tell Themselves Before Bed

For most of us, what we want from life is pretty simple when you get down to it – we want to be happy. Why is it that something that is seemingly so simple eludes so many people? We look at happy people like they are a different species. We want to know what they know that we don’t. Is there some kind of secret that the rest of us are not privy to? In a way, it could be said that yes, happy people do live and think differently than unhappy people. They do not, however, hold some secret knowledge that they are hiding from the rest of us.

Take a closer look at the people in your life that are happy and content with their lot. They see the positive and they focus on that. They see the best, not the worst, in everyone. When we start to look at these people more closely, they can almost seem alien to us. Can’t they see how bad everything is around them? Sure, if they wanted to, they could. Happy people do not ignore or fail to see that there is bad in the world, they just choose not to let that be the defining element of how they look at life.

Basically, one of the biggest things that happy people do is consciously choose to be happy. It does not always come naturally, especially not at first. We live in a negative world. News and media seem to focus on the scandal, violence, and bad deeds of the world, so it is natural that this is what so many of us seem to look for. We do, however, have the power to change our perspective. Read on to learn about the three things happy people tell themselves before bed.

The World is a Positive Place

Ask any happy person what they think of the world. Their answer will generally be something along the lines of, “it’s a wonderful place.” It can be difficult to look around at the world and see what they do, but happy people honestly do believe that there is a positive side to everything. There is some element of good in every situation, even the most seemingly awful. This is what happy people choose to focus on, this is what they cling to in times of struggle. If we want to see bad, we will, if we want to see good, we will – happy people just choose to look for the good.

This is part of how they can maintain a happy demeanor. No matter what a day brings them, happy people end their day by thinking about all the wonderful and positive things that occurred in their world that day. This means that they go to sleep in a positive frame of mind, setting themselves up to sleep more peacefully and wake up happy the next day.

I Can and I Will

Positive people do not suffer from self-doubt. This is not to say that they are overconfident in their own abilities, but rather they trust their ability to achieve goals. They understand what they are capable of and set realistic goals and maintain the confidence that they will meet them. Believing in oneself is a highly important part of both personal and professional success. Before bed, the happy person sees their path towards their goals and sees themselves reaching their goals as well. They don’t doubt that they have the ability to do it is what they set out to do, and as a result, they tend to be right.

Tomorrow is a New Day

Happy people are not blind to the realities of the world. Even happy people suffer setbacks and have bad days. The happy person, however, does not enmesh themselves in feelings of negativity. They accept the setback or bad day for what it is, and understand that they have another chance tomorrow. This hope that tomorrow is a new day and that it will be better than today helps the happy person maintain a positive mindset. If you go to sleep sad and depressed about a failure, you are likely to wake up still feeling sad and depressed. The flip side is true for those who have a lot of hope in the promise of tomorrow.

If you want to see the bad, you will. Conversely, if you want to see the good, that is what you will see. Our perspectives have a powerful effect on our lives – from how we view the world to how we interact with others. Unhappiness is rampant today, as is negativity, and we should immediately sense that there might be a connection between the too. You would be right to make that connection.

Happy people are not necessarily born that way. They choose to be happy. They see the world as it is and try not to judge it. They choose to expend their mental focus on the positive elements of life. They have confidence in themselves and their ability to meet goals and live the life they want to live. Self-confidence is a huge key to personal success, as well as happiness. Happy people understand that there are setbacks. They understand that some days will be better than others. However, they staunchly maintain a positive outlook that tomorrow can and will be better. And a lot of times, it is for them.

Why choose to be unhappy if you have the choice to be happy? Take a proverbial page out of the book of happy people and do as they do. Look for the good side of even the worst situation. Accept that negativity is there, but do not dwell on it. Have faith and confidence in your abilities and be your biggest cheerleader when it comes to achieving goals. Setbacks, bad days, and the like are part of life. Happy people always tell themselves that tomorrow will be better. This gives them hope in bleak times and makes it far easier to maintain a happy, positive outlook on life.

Frances Masters

Frances Masters is a BACP accredited psychotherapist with over 30,000 client hours of experience. Follow her @fusioncoachuk, or visit The Integrated Coaching Academy for details about up coming training.