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The 10 Morning Habits of High Achievers

The 10 Morning Habits of High Achievers

We all know that person – whether we’ve just seen them on TV, or they are part of our social circle – that just seems to have everything together. Their lives are incredibly successful and they seem to achieve personal and professional goals with relative ease. One way to try to incorporate their path to success into your life is to take a proverbial page out of the high achievers handbook and try to emulate their morning routine.

High achievers have a number of things in common with one another, but one of the biggest commonalities is how they approach the start of their day. A morning routine might not seem like it has much to do with someone’s level of success, but evidence shows that it might actually have a lot to do with how they begin their day. Read on for 10 morning habits of high achievers and consider integrating them into your life. You might be surprised at the result!

They Get Up Early

You don’t hear of many millionaires that get up at the crack of noon. High achievers tend to get up early in the morning to take advantage of the quiet hours before the world wakes up and begins it’s day. Most successful individuals report getting up around 6:30 every morning. The early bird really does catch the worm.

They Take Care of Correspondence Right Away

It often takes just a few minutes, but this is a very important habit of high achievers. They check their email and their messages first thing in the morning. This alerts them to any potential problems they might face that day, and allows them to get their administrative work done before the family is up and in need of their help. This gets them on a good path for a successful day.

They Take A “Me Break” Before They Start Their Work Day

Akin to meditation, many highly successful people report that they take a short “me break” before they begin their day. Whether it is through meditation, positive visualization, or simply taking a few minutes to breath and enjoy nature, high achievers swear that this is an incredibly important part of their morning routine. It allows them to center themselves and change gears from the personal home life, to work mode

They Stay in Shape

High achievers take care of their bodies and know that the morning is a great time to get in the day’s physical activity. Many of us are too tired when we get home from work in the evening to exercise, or we are exercising during prime time hours that we could be spending with our friends or family. Successful people take their health seriously and use the morning as the perfect opportunity to get moving.

They Get Enough Sleep

Successful people know they need their faculties with them to perform at their best. This means they need to be well rested to start their day. High achievers get enough sleep, while also getting up early. This morning routine requires preparation the night before by means of organizing your evening schedule so as to get to bed at a decent time.

They Eat Right

High achievers know that they are what they eat. Highly successful people report taking care with what they put in their body. They eat a well balanced breakfast and do not overdo processed foods, fats, caffeine, and other things that will reduce their efficiency.

Their Day is Planned the Night Before

A highly successful person knows what lies ahead before they even get up. They report that they plan the day and even make to-do lists the night before so that they do not have to waste valuable morning time on preparation. This means they can get right to what needs to be attended to without having to plan or “fly by the seat of their pants.”

They Set Goals and Think of Ways to Meet Them

Successful people set realistic goals. They use their morning time to run through their goals and how they are doing on the path to success. They also use this time to think about how to streamline their efforts.

They Practice Gratitude

High achievers know that they wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for all the people around them that support and facilitate their success. They always say thank you and show gratitude to those who make their success possible.

They Use Positive Visualization and Talk

High achievers are their own biggest cheerleaders. Not only do they visualize themselves meeting their goals, they give themselves positive talks to help keep their confidence up.

While there are many different, highly varied paths to success, there are certain things that highly successful people seem to have in common with each other. They seem to approach their mornings in a similar way. High achievers get up early in the morning, rested and refreshed and ready to tackle their day. They take care of their correspondence and other small administrative duties as soon as they get up, that way they can still be present with the family for breakfast and helping get the kids off to school.

High achievers take “me time” and mentally prepare themselves for the day ahead. They exercise, eat right, and always get enough sleep, as they know that these things are vital to our performing at our very best – which a high achiever always wants to do. They don’t “fly by the seat of their pants.” They ensure that they know what’s on the day’s schedule when they wake up. This means they plan the next day, or create a to-do list, the night before. This saves them valuable morning time.

The morning is also when high achievers take time to evaluate the progress of their goals, see how far they have come towards said goals, think of ways to further improve the likelihood of meeting those goals, and give themselves credit for progress made. They visualize their success and tell themselves that they have the skills and ability to be successful. High achievers are also positive people who show appreciation and gratitude for those around them. A highly successful person is never successful on their own, it requires those around them as well.

Frances Masters

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