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Sleepace Reston Review

Sleepace Reston Review

Ever wonder what your body is actually doing while you are sleeping? Do you feel like you have tossed and turned all night and was unable to get a good night’s sleep? Or perhaps you had a nightmare and wonder if it increased your heart rate in real life, as you ran from a monster in dream land? All of these questions can be measured by using Sleepace RestOn. Sleepace is a sleep tracker designed to determine how well you slept by measuring heart rate, breathing patterns, the time you’ve spent awake, and movement during the night.

How it Works

The 3” wide belt is designed with many sensors in it to be able to produce accurate results while sleeping. As long as you make sure that the belt is laid on the bed at the same place your chest would be for the majority of the part it will accurately track your sleeping, breaths, and heart rate. The sensors are spread out along the three foot long belt with preparation of movement in your sleep. Sleepace has yet to release what types of sensors or even how many are within the belt, but they have compared their product to medical grade sleep trackers and were able to withstand the test and have very similar results.


Designed with comfort in mind, this wide belt is lined with sensors along the length used to track sleep, breathing, movement, and heartrate.  With no buttons or wires, this device is covered in a soft felt and incredibly thin. It device is unnoticeable to most when laying on top of it. At the end of the belt there is a small (2mm thick) square monitor, used to record all of the data. This monitor is set up like a magnet. The top and bottom half separate so you can place the device under the sheet and the belt will not move around or fall off.  The battery life on this product is impressive, after just one full charge it will last for a single month. On the monitor there is a LED indicator to alert you when the device is on, off, or needs charging. The Sleepace is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, but not tablets yet, and connects via Bluetooth. With this being said, Sleepace RestOn has won multiple awards in terms of its design and comfortability, most recently they won gold at the 2016 iF awards.

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Set up

To start using Sleepace Reston all you need is to set up a simple profile.  Just like anything else. After ensuring that the device is charged the setup is easy. Lay the sleep tracker flat on your bed, they suggest keeping it above your sheets for the best measurement, but it can also record while under a sheet or very thin mattress topper. From here you have the opportunity to use the magnetic monitor to secure it to your sheets, by keeping on part of the monitor outside of the sheets and the other part under the sheet. The magnet is very strong and will hold tightly throughout the night.

What all Sleepace Reston Measures

The Sleepace is one of the most intriguing wellbeing devices on the market right now. With its ability to track not only sleep but many other things that can lead you in the right direction for a better sleep quality. But the Sleepace can also give you an insight on your health.  (Although you should not use the Sleepace in replace of medical devices, medications, or doctors.)

  • Breaths per minute
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep (light vs deep)
  • Instances of sleep apnea
  • Pulse
  • Number of times you have moved
  • Sleep quality
  • If you heart has stopped (early signs of heart disease


The ability to track your sleep is already an advantage, with the new technology out now we can determine how well we are sleeping based off a comfortable slim belt. But that’s not the only advantages to purchasing the Sleepace RestOn. Others include:

  • Long Battery Life
  • Comprehensive Sleep Measurements
  • Journal App Abilities


With the vast changes in technology, sometimes creators jump onto ides too quickly. While the new advances in products out on the market are astonishing, there comes many disadvantages to purchasing the first production of any type.

  • Slow connection with app
  • Manually start/stop monitoring
  • Doesn’t work accurately if you share a bed

Personal Statement

Through many sleepless nights of tossing and turning and a family history of sleep apnea, this is a device that I would definitely invest in. Although you should not use this device in replacement of medications, medical opinion, or medical devices, the Sleepace can help you determine how well you are sleeping, it gives you tips on how to sleep better, and an insight if there is anything medically wrong with you. The biggest advantage someone like me when it comes to investing in this would be to track my heart rate while sleeping, because I have such lucid dreams at night monitoring if my heart rate changes depending on my dreams would be the most interesting result for myself.

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