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Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Dubbed “nature’s power fruit”, Pomegranate seed oil comes from the seed of the fruit of the Punica granatum a deciduous shrub or small tree growing between 5–8 meters tall. The leaves and outer peeling of this early fruit have been used for centuries to soften the skin and reduce the signs of aging. New studies are just now showing how powerful an anti-aging agent pomegranate truly is.

When you open up a pomegranate, you will find a number of compartments divided by a white layer of flesh. Each compartment is packed with individual sacs of  juicy pulp and each of those small sacs contains a single seed – the origin of this astounding oil!

The seeds are compressed and the oils are then squeezed out, usually by some kind of a press. Heating the infusion helps to create more oil. However, the best pomegranate seed oils are cold pressed. This process uses little to no heat, which helps to preserve all of the natural benefits of the oil; it’s enzymes, nutrients and vitamins.

Pomegranate Seed Oil Benefits

Pomegranate seed oil benefits both the exterior and the interior of the body, with research showing it can boost your health in many ways. Studies have show that those who drank pomegranate juice had an increase in their prostate-specific antigen (PSA) doubling time, leading to its use in the fight against prostate cancer. Its also shown to help combat type-2 diabetes and heart disease. It may help preventosteoarthritis by slowing the deterioration of the joints. 

However, it’s natural skin and hair care where pomegranate really comes into its own. Studies have demonstrated that the oil deeply penetrates and  hydrates the skin by supplying long lasting moisture. It can revitalize dull, dry skin and hair to restore a more youthful look.

The seed’s oils are also a rich source of antioxidants which fight against natural oxidation of skin tissue, combating free radicals, which damage our healthy cells. Pomegranate seed oil stimulates the creation of keratinocytes, the large cells seen in our skin’s outer layers. Younger, healthier skin is produced when these cells are regenerated.

Pomegranate seed oil also comprises about 80% of an omega-5 fatty acid called punicic acid, which has been shown in studies to fight with breast cancer. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation caused by skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. 

Pomegranate Seed Oil Side Effects

Pomegranate seed oil does not seem to produce any side effects, but always use a patch test if you suspect you’re sensitive to a particular oil.

Frances Masters

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