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Fitness Fashion Trends

Fitness Fashion Trends

Fitness fashion is in right now. Sales of workout gear are growing faster than the sales of everyday clothing because people are deciding they want to look good while they work out — not just after. But good workout wear has to be as functional as it is fashion-conscious.

This snapshot of current fitness fashion trends will help you navigate the sales rack:

Opaque Materials For Yoga

See-through pants aren’t the best idea for a yoga class (some brands even say certain women aren’t meant to wear them). Suzanne Ko of Sko-Fit loves Splits 59 and Karma Wear. She says both clothing lines combine beautiful designs with great fashion sense and functionality. Olya Ku of Ku Moves advises that you try items on before buying them, to test the sheerness. (Buying a present for someone who isn’t your size? Stretch out the material first.)

Reflective And Brightly Colored Gear For Running

New York Running Company store manager Karen Filippi tells us that reflective and bright-colored clothing for running is very popular right now. It’s safety plus fashion! Choose items made from breathable material, in colors that make you happy. (If you’re shopping for somebody else, find out what their favorite color is.)

The Right Materials For Extreme Weather

Picking a material for outdoor winter activities can be tricky because you might need it to be waterproof and breathable and wind resistant. A lot to ask for in one fabric — but it exists! The most widely known and relied upon materials are GORE-TEX and eVent (click here to see more brands). For more information on how these fabric technologies work, check out this REI link on breathable waterproof materials.

Compression Clothing For Endurance Training

Compression clothing is made of thick, breathable material designed mostly for endurance training or racing (when the wearer will be active for hours at a time). Ku says the clothing helps you stay active longer by preventing cramps and increasing the blood flow in your body. There’s a range of apparel with different specialized designs, such as cycling pants with added padding in certain key places. Ku says some brands to look for are 2xU and Shins.

Stylish And Funky Active Accessories And Designs

Headbands, jewelry, gym bags, beanies and the whole assortment of activewear accessories aren’t just functional these days, they’re stylish too. Funky fashionista La Carmina says the Lolewoman accessory line (gloves pictured above) is fashionable and affordable. If you head over to you’ll find a host of handmade fitness accessories for more personalized gift options for that fitness fan on your list (or even yourself!).

Frances Masters

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