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Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

The Botanical name for Clary Sage is Salvia sciarea. The leaves and flower buds of the Clary Sage are steam distilled. The Clay Sage Essential Oil is Light Golden Yellow in color. The aroma is bright, earthy, herbaceous, with slight sweet fruitiness and is medium to strong. The Clary Sage plant grows up to two to three feet tall and has tall flower spikes. The leaves tend to look hairy and be of a purplish-green with small blue-violet or white flowers.

Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits

Some of Clay Sage Essential Oil’s benefits have been described as ‘Euphoric’, though not everyone has had such an experience. Clay Sage Essential Oil will can leave you feeling very relaxed and maybe even a bit drowsy. Controlling stress and tension are among the major benefits of Clary Sage along with balancing emotional trauma. Here are some other benefits:

  • Antispasmodic – helps digestive issues – cramps or griping colicky pains
  • Emenagogue – helps with missing periods
  • Psychologically – Clary Sage is deeply relaxing, euphoric and revitalizing
  • Sedative – soothes nerves and nervous tension
  • Psoriasis– heals and prevents
  • Antiseptic – fast healing for wounds, itching and eczema
  • Respiratory – relief from cough, asthma or any other respiratory problems
  • Hormonal – stimulates dopamine and serotonin
  • Antidepressant – very uplifting
  • Anxiety – when inhaled as in aromatherapy
  • Antibiotic  – inhibits the growth viruses and infections
  • Analgesic – reduces pain
  • Disinfectant – inhibits the growth of germs and fungi
  • Headaches – lessens sensitivity of nerves to pain
  • High Blood Pressure – by eliminating stress
  • Acne – eliminates the effects that acne has

Clay Sage Essential Oil will blend well with citruses, Lavender, Coriander, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Rose, Sandalwood, White Fir, and Vetiver. 

Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses

  • Jog your memory by mixing this diffuser blend of Clary Sage (fifteen drops), Coriander (ten drops), White Fir (ten drops), Ginger (eight drops), and Peppermint (three drops). Mix gently and put four to six drops into your diffuser.
  • To help you concentrate, just mix Clary Sage (eight drops), Lemon (twenty drops), Cypress (ten drops), and Rosemary (five drops) and put into the diffuser.
  • Trouble making decisions, well try this, mix Clary Sage (twenty drops), Basil (ten drops), Cypress (eight drops), and Peppermint (four drops). Add to your diffuser and inhale.
  • Do you need to release some tension? Try this blend- Clary Sage (ten drops), Lavender (fifteen drops), Geranium (five drops), Bergamot (five drops), and Ylang Ylang (two drops); another blend for your diffuser.
  • Yoga and Meditation Enhancers- just mix Clary Sage (six drops), Wild Orange (three drops), White Fir (two drops), and Frankincense (two drops). Just put four to six drops in the diffuser and relax.
  • Stimulate your appetite with this inhalant: Clary Sage (eight drops), Coriander (six drops), Black Pepper (four drops), Ginger (three drops) and White Fir (two drops). Just blend gently in a small glass and pour into an inhaler wick and load your inhaler, inhale three deep breaths.
  • When your eyes get fatigued: Mix between your fingers – Clary Sage (one drop) and Frankincense (one drop). Take the mix with your fingers and apply to the sides your temples and above your eyebrows.
  • For a more restful sleep mix Clary Sage (one drop) with one drop of Vetiver and apply to the back of your neck and the front of your throat about 15 minutes before going to sleep. 
  • Asthma relief – Clary Sage (four drops) and Lavender (four drops), then massage over chest and back.
  • To reduce excessive sweating—for a footbath mix 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts, add Clary Sage (four drops), and Coriander (three drops) then add water and soak feet for about 10 minutes.
  • Peaceful serenity blend: three tablespoons coconut oil, Clary Sage (two drops), Melissa (two drops), Roman Chamomile (one drop), Lavender (one drop), and Wild Orange (two drops). Mix gently and dab on your body or inhale directly from the bottle as needed.
  • A great facial oil: Coconut oil one ounce, Clary Sage (three drops), Geranium (two drops), Myrrh (two drops), Patchouli (one drop), and Frankincense (two drops). Just apply to the affected areas as needed.
  • Deplete your cellulite, try this blend: Coconut Oil (four ounces), Clary Sage (three drops), Patchouli (four drops), Wild Orange (four drops), Grapefruit (three drops), Lemon (four drops), and Rosemary (two drops). Blend and gently massage in upward strokes across the area to be depleted.
  • Sexuality massage blend: Coconut oil (two ounces), Clary Sage (four drops), Sandalwood (six drops), Ylang Ylang (four drops), Coriander (two drops), Patchouli (two drops), Ginger (two drops), Basil (one drop) and Vetiver (one drop). Mix in a small glass container and gently massage your partner with the blend.
  • Stimulate your Scalp and Hair Growth: one ounce Coconut Oil, three drops of Clary Sage, two drops of White Fir, and one drop of Rosemary. Mix and massage the mixture into your scalp daily and leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight. Then just shampoo your hair as usual. Double rinse your hair after shampooing.

Clary Sage Essential Oil Side Effects

Clary Sage essential oil does not seem to produce any side effects, but like many essential oils, it is not recommended for use with pregnant women or children. Some essential oils may cause irritation or allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin so it is wise to do a patch test before using regularly.

Frances Masters

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