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Getting Stuff Done: How to Squeeze all the Juice out of your Day

‘Even a potato growing in a sack in a cellar, throws out shoots towards the light.’ Carl Rogers Human beings are naturally goal focused. Our innate brain wiring means we are programmed to instinctively move forward, not backward. We constantly seek to expand and grow. Where we choose to focus our attention is really important...

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Is Perfection Getting in the Way of Progress? 5 Great Tips to Control Perfectionism

So what’s wrong with striving to be perfect? What’s wrong with setting the bar high? If you’re the kind of person who aims for perfection and is not prepared to settle for anything less than excellence, you may have found it an uncomfortable way to live. And where did that unforgiving approach come from? Did...

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7 Steps to Super Motivation: Use your Powerful Mind to Get Your Body Moving

We all do it, don’t we? Any of this sound familiar? ‘I’ll start running….tomorrow.’ ‘I’ll take up swimming again….soon.’ ‘I’ll get back down the gym….when I have the time.’ There’s always a reason to put it off. There’s a project at work that’s taking all your time. The kids haven’t gone back to school yet...

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Achieving Success: Proactive Solutions from the Zebra Spider

Sometimes it feels like the road ahead is so cluttered with obstacles we can’t even see goals we may set for ourselves, let alone achieve them. We’ve all been in situations where deadlines get pushed back, people let us down, or life just gets in the way.  Sometimes it’s just one setback, but often it...

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