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What are the Best Home Water Filters for Purifying Drinking Water?

What are the Best Home Water Filters

Water makes up 75% of the human body and covers 71% of our planet’s surface.  With numbers as big as that, isn’t it important to make sure you are getting the best water into your system. The lack of recyclable plastics in the bottled water industry sends you to one conclusion, finding the best home water filter for your do-it-yourself purity.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

This filtration system is perhaps the most popular.  Attaching to the spout of the sink, with a simple turn, you have filtered water for all your needs, including cooking.  This system is great for removing that chlorinated, almost ‘pool water’ taste from your water, giving you a crisp drink every time. It comes with a filter, and you need to replace that every 100 gallons or three months.


  • Easy to install and replace filter
  • Affordable
  • LED let’s you know when the filter needs to be changed


  • Does not filter all chemicals from water, focus on chlorine, lead, and asbestos
  • Requires filters to be changed after 100 gallons
  • Comes out at tap temperature

PUR 11 Cup Ultimate Pitcher with LED Indicator

This refrigerator model is perfect for when you want ice cold water that is clear of chemicals.  Pur is certified to remove 70 water contaminants, including lead, pesticides and mercury. With an easy grip handle and streamlined body, it fits well on the doors and shelves of most fridges. It is the best home water filter for those who don’t want the hassle of attaching something or installation. Its small capacity does require frequent filling if you are a thirsty person, but nothing beats a cold glass of water after coming in from a hot day.


  • Easily fits in refrigerators
  • Easy to set up and fill
  • Removes a large amount of contaminants


  • Only holds 11 cups
  • Heavy when full
  • Requires filter changed every three months

Royal Berkey Water Filter

This gravity fed drip filter system is the best home water filter if you are looking for a solution to the filter issue and the volume. It is a bit pricey, but the filters last much longer and since it is a slow drip filtration system, the filtering is more effective. It removes chlorine, its by-products and several other contaminants, including hydroflourosilicic acid, which is often missed by most filters and is a fluoride by product. With a three gallon reservoir, it does not need to be refilled as often.


  • Effective
  • Larger capacity
  • No installation needed


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Takes a while to refill when emptied

APEC 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

If you are looking for a built in solution, then this might be the best home water filter system for you.  This filter works on reverse osmosis, which uses a membrane to remove 99% of water contaminants. It does use filters, but they need to be changed yearly, rather than quarterly.   It comes with its own faucet and it is self installable so that you can still have regular water for washing dishes and have this refreshing water for consumption.


  • Longer filter life
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Removes 99% of contaminants


  • Operates on separate faucet
  • Installation can be tricky
  • Lots of wasted water

iSpring RCC7 – Certified Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage Water Filter

This is another built in water filter system. It is a little less expensive than the Apec, but works on the same speed, filtering out 99% of contaminants.   It is a reliable system, with fewer chances of leaking from incorrect installation because it has a color coded system for installation. All of which make it the best home water system for the handy.


  • Easy Installation
  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Removes 99% of contaminants


  • Lots of water waste
  • Requires Installation
  • Takes an hour to have water ready for use

Water filtration is important, especially went so much gets into our water from run-off and additives.  Here’s to have having a cool glass of fresh pure water with the best home water filter you’ve chosen.

Frances Masters

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