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What are the Best Essential Oils for Depression?

What are the Best Essential Oils for Depression?

On their own, essential oils cannot cure depression; however utilizing essential oils in the form of aromatherapy can certainly help ease the symptoms. Most essential oils have a relaxing and calming effect.

Dealing with depression can be very difficult. Any relief that can be had to help the depression that seem less intrusive is a great accomplishment. Aromatherapy with essential oils is the safest and most immediate cure for the symptoms that go along with depression.

There are several methods for aromatherapy that include:

  • Diffusion is the process of spreading an essential oil’s scent continuously throughout an area. A diffuser is used for this, which is a machine and can be carried to any room.
  • Spray is an excellent way to get the essential oil’s scent into an area immediately and conveniently. They can be purchased or mixed on your own in a spray bottle.
  • Massage full body massages are the most popular Aromatherapy technique, if you have a partner to do the massage. essential oils are the best additions to your lotions for a more relaxing experience. With the aromatherapy combines with the massage you can relax and ease away the stress.
  • Baths-Are great for relaxing using any essential oil just makes the bath more therapeutic.
  • Skin and hair products– hair and skin products are an easy way to keep the scents with you throughout the day.

Sometimes just that little lift will get you through another day. With depression each day is a struggle to move forward. Most of the following essential oils relieve stress and anxiety that usually accompanies depression. These few little steps will not cure depression just make the road a little easier to travel.

Here is a little uplifting recipe that includes the essential oils we will discuss in detail.

This is an inhalation recipe that includes:

  •  4 parts ylang-ylang essential oil
  •  4 parts clary sage essential oil
  •  2 parts basil essential oil
  •  3 parts geranium essential oil
  •  1 part sandalwood essential oil

Combine all these oils into a small glass jar or bottle with a lid. Just open and inhale throughout the day when you need a little pick me up. Instead of inhaling you can take a tissue or cotton ball and apply a few drops.

What are the Best Essential Oils for Depression?

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Great for: serenity and relaxation

Clary sage essential oil can boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, thereby making it a great antidepressant.

Whatever the reason you are going through depression try this natural remedy to help you on your journey. Let the Clary Sage essential oil help you lose your stress and anxiety.

Rose Essential Oil

Great for: relieving migraines and anxiety

Rose essential oil is utilized for many therapeutic uses. With rose essential oil’s ability to relive migraines and anxiety makes it the perfect oil for depression. Most suffer from anxiety as well when dealing with depression.

When stress levels are high they are usually accompanied with a headache. These additional attributes from Rose essential oil would also alleviate a little of the depressed feeling, the wonderful sent of the Rose oil enhances the libido, reduce stress, stimulate circulation, sharpen memory, and boost mood. If all these things were improved then the symptoms suffered along with depression would be lessened.

Ylang-ylang Essential Oil

Great for: sharper senses and calm anger

Ylang-ylang originated in the Philippines and means “flower of flowers” or “fragrance of all fragrances.” Ylang-Ylang essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to calm depression, anger, fear, and jealousy. Inhaling Ylang-Ylang essential oil will sharpen your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and calm.

Ylang-ylang essential oil has a balancing effect that can calm the production of sebum, which acts as sedative for a calming effect.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is will help to relax the nerves. The flowery scent helps the body to overcome stress and frustration. By balancing the blood pressure, decreasing adrenaline and regulating breathing patterns Ylang-Ylang essential oil will help overcome anger, panic attacks, anxiety, fear, and shock. Ylang-ylang essential oil counteracts depression, stabilizes mood swings, and can bring about feelings of euphoria.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Great for: Calming and instilling inner peace

Sandalwood Oil is a perfect essential oil for bouts of depression. The attributes of the Sandalwood essential oil is very spiritual and emotional.  This oil is has a very calming effect and is useful for chakra work. 

This is another choice to relieve stress and anxiety as Sandalwood essential oil helps to instill a sense of inner peace. Sandalwood essential oil has a rich, woody yet sweet aroma.

Lavender Essential Oil

Great for: lowering pulse rate and relaxing

The fragrance of Lavender essential oil is just so relaxing. By reducing anxiety and improving insomnia helps ease the symptoms of depression. With a lowered pulse rate your body is able to rejuvenate itself. Lavender essential oil is also a benefit for relieving headaches, which is another symptom of depression. The Lavender oil has also been proven to relieve pain in general and reduce depression.

Basil Essential Oil

Great for: mental stimulation

Basil essential oil mentally stimulates you and helps clear your mind. By inhaling the essential oil you can simulate yourself and be re-energized. Basil essential oil can lift your mood, while relieving stress and improve your concentration. Basil means “king” and the Hindu believe that the Basil plant is so powerful that it was a passport to heaven.

Geranium Essential Oil

Great for: enhancing moods 

Geranium essential oil has the ability to enhance health and moods with their compounds of citronellol and geraniol.  To achieve the benefits of Geranium essential oil it can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. The belief in controlling emotions entails the oil being absorbed through the skin and transmits to the brain in the region that controls emotions. The region of the brain is called the limbic system, which also transmits to the nervous system. This explains the effect that Geranium essential oil has on heart rate, stress, blood pressure and breathing. All these simulate anxiety, which goes hand in hand with depression.

Using Geranium essential oil will promote emotional stability, alleviate pain and enhance your mood when used in aromatherapy. Geranium essential oil does help reduce the symptoms of depression

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