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The Simplest Way to Help Someone Who is Grieving

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90%of how I react to it. - John Maxwell

As James sat in front of me, memory after memory of his father’s death surfaced, released, and ran softly down his face. ‘He died when I was 10’, said James. ‘It was an unexpected heart-attack. He went to work one morning and didn’t come home.’ ‘Mum thought I was too young to go to the […]

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How Does the Physical Influence the Mental

How the Physical Influences the Mental

It’s a no-brainer that exercise is highly beneficial for the body, as it reduces the risk of developing obesity, heart disease, or diabetes, but many people aren’t aware how important it is for their mental health. Fitness enthusiasts report positive effects of physical activity on their overall well-being. Apart from helping you lose your weight […]

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5 Mistakes We Make When Depressed

5 Mistakes We Make When Depressed

The condition of being depressed often strongly controls your emotions, instincts and reactions and although you don’t always realize it, the guilt of feeling weak and useless often aggravates the situation. Depression is a serious mental condition that requires an intense process of healing –acceptance of our fears and the admittance of being depressed are […]

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Learn how to Lean in to Mindfulness

You become what you believe - Oprah Winfrey

Self-care is something that doesn’t come easy for many of us. We race from one goal to the next, multitasking, multi-screening and telling ourselves that doing more somehow equals being more. ‘I’m soooo busy’ is the modern mantra. There’s a sense of status in implying you barely have time to sleep these days. In a […]

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How to Identify the Social Terrorist: Highly Social, Highly Territorial and Highly Dangerous!

Japanese proverb

Are you feeling bullied, restricted, controlled or confined? Perhaps someone at work has sidelined you by creating an ‘in crowd’ you’re specifically excluded from? They all go out at the weekend and make sure they spend a lot of time talking about it on Monday, knowing you can’t join in with the jokes and asides. […]

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9 Common Stressors You Need to Avoid to Protect Your Mental Health

9 Common Stressors You Need to Avoid to Protect Your Mental Health

Dealing with mental health issues such as depression or addiction should be a major wakeup call that it is time to begin taking care of yourself. While you learned excellent strategies for recovering during your treatment program, it is important to continue to avoid stressors that could trigger you to have a relapse. Unfortunately, life […]

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How to Successfully Speak Last at a Conference

How to Successfully Speak Last at a Conference

Speaking at a conference can be a nerve wracking experience at the best of times. But when you have to go on last it can be even more daunting. Unlike the headliner at a music festival, many people consider going last as one of the most difficult time slots. After all, we’ve all been to […]

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How I use Visualisation to Achieve Goals Fast: A Psychotherapist Explains

If you can dream it, you can achieve it - zig ziglar

I was using visualisation techniques long before I ever realised what they were. We all do. As children, we live in our imagination. Unfettered by self-limiting beliefs, we dream of flying. The sky’s the limit until well-meaning adults begin the process of education and socialisation and, in their encouragement for us to conform; they start […]

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