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How to Smash Resistance to Meditation With Just One Story

I’ve been working with quite a few schools recently. Schools have regular Inset days for Continuing Professional Development and also ‘twilight’ training which happens at the end of the working day. I’m full of admiration for schools and their staff. They are more and more stretched with less and less funding. Stress levels can be […]

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A Technique to Slow Down Time

Like trying to herd cats, closing your eyes, sitting still and focusing your attention on just one thing, can feel impossible at first. However, constantly bringing the mind home; observing your thoughts in a non-judgemental and detached way not only has the power to raise self-awareness but actually trains the brain. Just five minutes can […]

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How to Lower Anxiety with the 7-11 Breathing Technique

Part of the Fusion Therapeutic Coaching STOP System® for controlling anxiety and panic attacks People often comment ‘Breathing? I do it all the time without thinking! What’s so different about this technique? The answer is simple: When we breathe in, we activate the sympathetic nervous system. It is more of an effort to breathe in […]

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How to Respond when Someone Self-Harms

  Today I’m publishing my second e book on self harm ‘Responding to Self Harm.’ You can access the first e book ‘Understanding Self Harm here. It’s turned into a bigger project than I anticipated, as is often the case. It’s such a big subject and the need for education and understanding is great. Schools in particular are […]

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What I Say to my New Clients…and Why I Say It

‘There are no easy fixes with depression. Facing up to the underlying issues…. well it’s frightening, and it’s painful, and it’s going to take time…’ This statement by Elizabeth Pargetter’s counsellor on Radio 4’s The Archers will disappoint the new wave of brief therapists and therapeutic coaches. What a wasted opportunity by the BBC. Statistics tell us […]

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Making RAS Work for you: Goals, Affirmations and Saying Thank You

Why should we care about our Reticular Activating System, I hear you say? Well, RAS is the reason that you need to have a really clear idea of what your preferred future looks like; to have lots of detail and to run over it in your mind, amplifying all the positive feelings that come up when you […]

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Holocaust Day and How to Treat Vicarious Trauma

Sometimes, I wish I could travel back in time knowing what I know now. I guess we might all say that but, for me, as a professional psychotherapist and coach, the implications are more significant. Professionally, I have always tried to achieve fast and positive outcomes for my clients. I had certainly packed a lot […]

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How to Accept Yourself; Just as you are

Am I good enough? I share the concerns about the impact of social media. A recent study by the Happiness Research Institute (2015) took 1,095 participants who visited Facebook daily and split them into 2 groups: One continued to use Facebook as before; the other stopped using it altogether. After just one week, the non-users […]

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