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What are the Best Essential Oils for Anxiety?

Anxiety refers to an unpleasant mental state which can be accompanied with rumination, inability to sleep well, nervousness and a feeling of impending doom. Normally, there are certain situational triggers that cause anxiety, but this isn’t always the case. It can refer to a range of mental illnesses and their symptoms (such as social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and so forth). It goes beyond mere nervousness and can greatly affect a person’s ability to function optimally.

Fortunately, there are a number of essential oils for anxiety. Not only can certain aromas trigger pleasant memories or put you in a better mood, many oils have healing and mood altering properties that can help you overcome anxious thoughts or feelings.

So Here They Are: The Top Essential Oils For Anxiety.

Lavender Essential Oil

Great for: Its deep, floral scent and relaxing properties

Lavender has long been associated with improving sleep and calming frayed nerves. Research has shown that the floral scent of lavender can help relieve anxiety and stimulate relaxation. Adding a couple of drops to your pillow at night has long been an effective natural method of improving sleep quality.

Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure with no fillers, additives, bases or carriers. It has a very strong, floral scent which is very long-lasting. It’s packaged in dark amber glass bottle for protection and comes fitted with dropper cap.

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Rose Geranium Oil

Great for: it’s mood-boosting, light fragrance.

Rose geranium oil, sometimes referred to as simply geranium oil, is a little less well-known but just as effective for relaxation purposes. It is often used as a mild anti-depressant.

Steam distilled from South African Pelargonium, Eden’s Garden Rose Geranium Oil smells incredible; one of the most important factors for this essential oil. It has a sweet, feminine scent, which is both delicate but strong enough to carry when used with other pungent oils, such as lavender.

This also boosts value for money; you won’t need more than a couple of drops to get the job done, even if you’re adding this oil to a lot of water -like a bath. This is great news as you’re only getting 5ml in this bottle.

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Lemon Essential Oil

Great for: regaining focus and mental clarity.

Tamanu Oil Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Lemon essential oil has an uplifting, sharp scent which many believe helps improve concentration.

Like grapefruit and bergamont, lemon essential oil is absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, which has been shown to improve mood in hospital patients. Lemon is most famously known for its cleaning abilities, and can be used to clean the hair and scalp

It also contains a large amount of d-Limonene, known for its metabolism boosting properties, making the oil a great natural weight loss supplement.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Great for: Its comforting, grounding scent.

One of the oldest known materials, sandalwood is has always been held in high regard as it was frequently used in incense. The fragrance of sandalwood essential oil creates grounding effect, and promotes feelings of wellbeing.

Due to its sedative and antidepressant effects, it can help improve sleep as well as support circulation and the nervous system. You can mix it with a carrier oil such as wheat germ oil and massage it into your wrists to soothe anxiety.

Nature’s Kiss Products Sandalwood Therapeutic Grade 10ml Pure Essential Oil is steam distilled from Australian Santalum spicatum wood. It may be a bit on the pricey side , but you can rest assured that it hasn’t been diluted, as many sandalwood products are.

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Neroli Essential Oil

Great for: Soothing stress and anxiety

Thanks to its incredibly uplifting aroma, neroli essential oil has been shown to naturally improve a person’s mood, invoking relaxed feelings of joy and happiness. For this reason, the oils is incredibly popular in aromatherapy.

Extracted using gentle steam distillation, Miracle Botanicals Neroli Essential Oil is a coffee brown to orange with a beautiful floral aroma.

It’s extracted from of French orange blossoms 100% Pure Wildcrafted Citrus Aurantium. You’re getting 10ml in amber colored bottle, which is great for protecting the oil from the sun. It also has a dropper, which helps for precise application. This oil is highly concentrated, so be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil such as jojoba before direct application to the skin.

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